Make online payment for tuition or donation to Cuttington University

To Sponsor a student or students at Cuttington University by Payment of Tuition and Fees in the United States; Follow the steps below.

There are three ways that sponsors or parents can pay the fees in the United States of students they wish to sponsor at Cuttington University in Liberia. To do so, one will need prior information of how much those fees are.  That should be supplied by the student. Generally, such fees include;

tuition, room and board, lab fees, and internet fees.

Method 1:

Through any branch of a Bank of America branch in the United States, simply make your payment by deposit to account number 483023821922. The parent or sponsor has to know the amount to be deposited.

The sponsors or parent must write on the deposit slip the student name and ID number (as this is how Cuttington knows which student account to credit).

You deposit receipt is your receipt of payment, should you have to refer to this again.

Method 2:

You can use your credit card or debit card to make payment here in a secure process.

There are three steps to complete this transaction.

Click on Donate button.

Fill the information related to credit card and billing address.

Fill the Student Name on Review page.

To pay through credit/debit card, Click below...

Please note to indicate Student Name and ID Number for clarity!!!

Method 3:

Payment may be made by sending money through Western Union, who has offices convenient to all students in Liberia. For this method, payment can only be made to the student directly, not Cuttington or Friends of Cuttington, and the student must present proper ID to pick up the money.  Then he/she has to pay that to Cuttington, and get a receipt from Cuttington. Money Gram also operates in Liberia as Western Union, however, offices are not as convenient for students.
 Friends of Cuttington no longer have staff who can receive tuition payments as in the past. But Friends still operates as a fund-raising operation for Cuttington in the US.  It can receive tax-free donations for any Cuttington approved projects, such as the rebuilding of the library, or a general scholarship fund for students. Payments can be made by check to the New York Office. 

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